Cannon Hall in Barnsley – Top 5 Things to Do When You Visit

Here are the 5 top attractions at Cannon Hall in South Yorkshire. The museum – 2 museums in one with military and art exhibitions, the Country Park with fairyland and walled cottage garden, the Maize Maize, the open farm and the wonderful farm shop.

5. Cannon Hall Museum

Cannon Hall itself is home to 2 museums, both with free entry. The Regimental Museum of the 13th/18th Royal hussars and the Light Dragoons contains uniforms and weaponry from these regiments, and displays them along with the historical information that illustrate the part they played in the Charge of the Light Brigade.

The rest of the museum includes painting, ceramics, pottery, furniture and glassware and has been collected over the years to make a stunning display.

4. The Maize Maze

During the summer months a farm near to Cannon Hall is home to the Maize Maze. This Maze features a different design every year so you won’t be able to memorize from last year. This is a family run attraction and they provide not only the maze, but activities and food stalls so you can make a day of it.

Activities include country fair style games (hoopla, bean bag throwing games, themed noughts and crosses, space hopper races), tractor rides, mini mazes. Food includes a real Barbecue most days offering home made burgers, plus an ice cream stall with Maizie Moo (home-made) ice cream.

3. Cannon Hall Country Park

On the hill below the Hall, the Country Park sweeps majestically down toward the lake. These grounds were designed and landscaped in the 18th Century to create a glorious place for the Spencer family to enjoy. It’s lucky for us that we are now able to enjoy these gardens in all their glory. There’s a £3 daily parking charge but apart from that, use of the gardens is free.

The gardens include:

– the walled cottage garden with around 40 varieties of pear tree and other fruits and vegetables. It’s interesting to see the type of gardens that served a stately home in the 18th and 19th centuries.

– Fairyland – created as a fun fantastical play area for the children, this area of the grounds contains arches and windows from local churches, a stream and pond to create an unusual mystical area of the grounds

– The parkland – acres of sweeping grassland and woodland that are great for a walk with the family and the dog.

2. Cannon Hall Farm Shop

There’s a great drive towards locally sourced, ethically produced food at the moment, and the Farm Shop at Cannon Hall is one of the best purveyors of this type of produce in the region. As much as possible the produce comes from Cannon Hall Farm itself, with home produced beef, pork and lamb.

But to provide a full range, the owners have sourced the best produce from other local sources, plus some from further afield. It has reached the finals of the “Taste of Yorkshire” competition on 2 occasions since it was opened in 1999

1. Cannon Hall Open Farm

If you’ve got kids this is the one part of Cannon Hall that you should definitely visit. This is a day-trip in itself and is well worth the entrance fee to visit the Open Farm and Adventure Playground.

There’s a wide variety of activities for kids.

– The open farm is a petting farm where your kids can stroke and feed sheep, goats, llamas, pigs, cows and many more animals.

– The Adventure playground has been upgraded to make one of the most thrilling playgrounds around.

– The farm shop has high quality local produce – you’re sure to want something when you visit.

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